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Baldwin Auto Services® provides better saving options for you.

You will find a dedicated team in Baldwin Auto Services® that gives you way more than your expectation. This will only be possible if you visit the latest Baldwin Auto Services® page for attaining more of the maintaining services.

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Surely now your vehicle would be supplemented with $5.00 off on a Baldwin Auto Services Signature Service® Oil Change.

In general, there is 5 quality quarts in motor oil, an oil filter and much more, that is listed below:

  • Ø Cleaned exterior windows
  • Ø Vacuum floors in the interiors
  • Ø Tire pressure being checked
  • Ø Checking as well as top off the given fluids:
  • · transmission/transaxle
  • · differential
  • · power steering
  • · windshield washer
  • · water in batteries that does not include sealed batteries