AC Services

Services of air conditioning

Recharge and evacuation service of A/C

Removal of humidity as well as heat from the passenger’s chamber is the main motive of installing A/C in your vehicle. With the help of a belt, the A/C compressor compresses refrigerant to be pumped throughout the system in the pressurized form. But after pushing the valve, both the temperature and pressure is minimized and then the refrigerant is made to pass through the evaporator of the compartment. Thus cool air blows into the vehicle while the refrigerant returns back to its origin, the compressor to begin the cycle.

Certified technicians of Baldwin Auto Services® provide

  • Ø Inspection of cracks and damage in the drive belt of A/C compressor
  • Ø Inspection of accessible parts for leak or other damages
  • Ø Checking the operation of the compressor and its other components
  • Ø Evacuation of the refrigerant from the system
  • Ø Vacuum test
  • Ø Use of appropriate refrigerant for refilling the refrigerant to system according to the specification of the vehicle manufacturer’s

PLEASE NOTE: designing of the services is done not a repairing or trouble shooting service but as a periodic service of maintenance. The technicians of Baldwin Auto Services® are certified with the help of EPA approved training program. Signs of leakage are being scrutinized at first but we definitely do not recommend those servicing systems that includes detected leaks.*

Replacement of Serpentine Belt

Transfer of engine power for various operations of components of engine like the compressor, power steering pump, alternator and water pump is being supplied by serpentine belt.

The following are performed:

  • Ø Visual inspection of the serpentine belt
  • Ø Replacement of the old belt serpentine belt