Windshield Services

Services of windshield!

Replacement of Windshield Wiper

Define its importance in this text!

The blades of the Windshield Wiper are made from compounds of soft rubber. But as the time passes, the elements get broken down and turn it into brittle. Thus your Windshield Wiper is left with streaks that prevent you from viewing clearly ahead which drastically affect your road safety.

Define the services provided.

Each of the Baldwin Auto Services Signature Service® Oil Change is being inspected with the wiper blades by us. We also inspect whether it is cracked or spilled, brittle or even torn and needs replacement or not.

PLEASE NOTE: some of the Baldwin Auto Services Signature Service® Oil Change centers provide the service of windshield services. Calling before hand is recommended.

Repair services of windshield!

  • The windshield services consist of inspection of minor chips and cracks that are being injected by a polymer in the affected region.
  • The services consist of removal of debris from the affected part
  • Sealing of this affected area with polymer injection
  • A third party provider is being enabled in some of the Baldwin Auto Services that can be appointed in a location according to customer’s choice.